Welcome to Halsted Middle School

School Starts - Thursday, September 3 

September is Attendance Awareness Month
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If you have not completed the required paperwork for
your student to receive their schedule,
use the attached file to print, complete and return to
Halsted Middle School Main Office
prior to August 31st 

Administrative Team

Kristi GreenePrincipal

973-383-7440, extension 2222


Angela DunbarAssistant Principal

973-383-7440, extension 2221


New Jersey Department of Education

School Self-Assesment for Determining Grades

under the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights

District and School Grade Report

 Halsted District

HIB Programs,Approaches or Other Iniatives (Max 15)

10 12

Training on the BOE Approved HIB Policy (Max 9)

4 4

Other Staff Instruction and Training Programs (Max 15)

10 11

Curriculum and Instruction on HIB and Related Information and Skills (Max 6)

3 4

HIB Personnel (Max 9)

8 8

School Level HIB Incident Reporting Procedure (Max 6)

3 3

HIB Investigative Procedures (Max 12)

12 12

HIB Reporting (Max 3)

2 2
Grade (Max 75)52 54